funny andy reid picture i made.


If you know me im a DIEHARD giants fanboy. Here is a andy reid pictures i made casue i hate the philly eagles.

Giants vs. Ravens Preseason Game in B-more

Well since im a giants fanboy, we got tickets to see this game. We went to pick up tickets from some dude in Ellicot City becasuse we bought them off craigslist. I didnt expect it to be jam packed. I mean its preseason. But right when we got on 95 north ramp to downtown Baltimore there was traffic. Then we got on 95 and the exit for the stadium which was about 3 miles from the 95-695 jct where we came from had traffic in its lane and on the ramp. Well we kept going and it was slow. Then we turned to some sidestreets and parked.
I was gonna bring my video camera in for Piggy's Trips but then the officer said no so we had to go back to the car. Well we got in the park i had the normal camera which had low quality video on it and i was gonna finish the piggys trips with that because they let normal cameras in, but then the battery died. So not much of a piggys trips. boo. So anyways we got some really cheap club level seats. Club level is the best place at a football feild other than the suites. I had been in the pepsi suite at a Buffalo Bills game due to us knowing people. So we got up and they where the best seats ive ever had at a stadium other than the suite. You had a great view of the game and field. A few minutes before game started i noticed the place was PACKED. I mean geez there were like a few hundred empty seats. Its preseason geez. Thats why there was alot of traffic. So we stayed the game. Btw dont get the cheeseteak there. Giants got pwnt. Bad. So yeah. Im not really happy about that. Sorry. No pics.

Rochester again again!!!!!1

Well were going back to rochester to visit my grandma in the hospital. The drive was terrible. It will be featured on pigawesomefilms as piggys trips episode 2 part 1!


Well as I told you in my other post i went to Darien Lake. Here are a few decsiptions of the park: Rough, Painful, Overhyped, desolate, long lines, ok flats, 2 good coasters. This place had a VERY LONG LINE on Ride of Steel all day The best coaster there . I mean really, I could hop in my car and drive 10 minutes and ride the same thing with a different name with a fricking 5 minute wait. Another thing i have to say is MIND ERASER AT DL IS THE WORSE COASTER I HAVE EVER BEEN ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG IT WAS ROUGH! The one at sfa is much, much smoother. I would choose sfa over this any day. Ok heres the actuall trip report. Ok we drove there from Gates, NY and it took about an hour. Its in a very desolate location with few small sighs leading to it. Your on the little road and all of a sudden you see ROS. Then you c0me to a signal and you turn left. You hit the parking tolls and then lots asid the waterpark. We didnt enter the water park but based on the map its looks like a normal waterpark not worth the extra fee. We parked and entered. The first thing we did was head for ROS. Again the wait was LONG. We still waited.
ROS rating: 5/5 Awesome Coaster. I think the SFA one is better by very very very little.
Next we wanted to ride Predator but it was closed the whole damn day. So we had lunch at Beaver returaunt or whatever its called.
Burger. 4/5.
Then we headed to Boomerang. I was kinda excited because I have never had been on a Boomerang. It was a little crazy. I sat in the back so on the first drop i had the biggest drop. Going up it felt like i was gonna slide out of my seat cause of the interesting restraints. It went down it was ok then we went through the cobra roll it was rough. The loop intense like in gs. We went up the other spike of track and on the way down it was intense as in gs also. So was the loop. The cobra was intense and rough and i almost blacked out. I thought it was an ok coaster.
Boomerang Rating: 3/5
Next we headed for Viper but changed our mind and headed to the top spin twister. We rode it. Theres only word that describes it: PAINFULL. It is nothing like KDs KDs crypt is awesome. This hurts your thys alot.
Rating 2/5.
Next up one of the best coasters there: OCC Motocoaster. It was fun with not too too fast launch. Nice and free feeling. 5/5.
After this we went too ride viper. Viper had walk on lines except in the front (why i didnt take a POV). Viper can get a little rough but its fun. 3/5
We rode the ranger looping starship. Normal. 4/5.
We rode UFO. Very fast and intense as in gs. Feels like ur gonna fly off the side. 5/5
Next we rode Mind Eraser. Rough, piece of shit. SFA pwns this. 0/5. Read rant in top.
We rode the log flume. Normal 3/5.
Next we went to Ros again. Shorter Long line.
We went to get frozen lemonade. Very fluffy, easy to eat fast. 3/5.
We left. It was a fun day. The only complaints are in the top of the post. We drove the hour home.
Well at least im making a music


Well we had to go back to Rochester last tuesday do to a family emergency. We had to sit in the house and be on the computer. I think it all pays off because we get to go to DARIEN LAKE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive never been there since i lived in western NY like when i was 7. So im gonna visit and possibly expect a pov but dont get your hopes up. I might also make a Darien Lake music video! Im going today and its gonna pwn!


Hello. After I went to Ithaca we drove to visit my family in the Rochester, NY area.

Alot of things where going on this week in my family. Both sides of my family actually live in the area. We arrived last week on tuesday after driving from Ithaca. Read the Ithaca report below. We arrived on tuesday at my moms side of the family house. We then went to lunch at Bill Grays. Its a local Burger joint. They have the entitled "Worlds Best Cheeseburger". I ordered it. Bad choice. I thought it was almost worse than the cheeseburgers at SFA. I didnt know they put hot sauce and relish on the burger. I thought it would be like my favorite kind like with lettuce, tometo, onion etc. It had none of the things a normal decent burger would haveon it. My review. 1/5 for a good cooke meat pattie. toppins=no. On wensday we woke up and headed to SEABREEZE AMUSEMENT PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its an alright park. We first headed to the waterpark. The water park was pretty good. They have some good slides like Vortex,Banzai Pipeline and some others.

My first review is of Helix. The dropish thing was ok but after the first turn it got slow.Really Slow. No wonder the wait was like 30 minutes. 2/5.

Next is the Vortex. I thought this ride was good because the turns were sharp and fast. The ride ops also siad you have a choice of forward or backward. I prefer backwords because you kinda dont know whats coming.4/5.

Banzai Pipeline. Its one of those deep angled body slides. The pre-drop built up the action. Fast and fun. 4/5.

Bermuda Triangle. Body slide. Fast and fun. 4/5

Wave Pool. These are the biggest waves ive seen in a wave pool making it fun but dangerous. This defitnley pwns the Wave pool at SFA. Its also awesome beacause the signal for the waves to start is a LOUD alienish sound screech that makes like everbody scream. Awesome wave pool. 5/5. There are more things at the waterpark. I just didnt get to them because i didnt care. Next up is the Amusement Park. They have some nice,not to fast not to tame fun coasters.

First up we rode the screming eagle. Great flat. Fun. 5/5

Next we got slushies.idk. Then we rode the log flume. Very typical Log Flume you would expect. A few minutes of going in the water and then up the hill and down. 3/5 for typical fun log flumes.

Next up POV TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKRABBIT BABY.

Its not the best POV but its okay. My reviews of the ride is that it is fun and rough. It has pretty good floating but some rough spots. That is why its not the best POV. Its one of the oldest coasters in the country. For floating and history and fun 4/5!

Next we went to some other flats.
Music Express. A himalayas ride. 3/5
Spring. Kid frog jump tower. tame. 2/5
Sea Dragon. Pirate ship ride. If you sit on the ends and not hold on to the bar it the bar tilts forward making you feel like falling out. You wouldnt fall out buts it fun! 5/5. idk why its just thrilling.

Next up its another POV TIME BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOBSLEDS!!!!!

I dont care what people say this is a damn good POV. The ride is a little rough and pretty fun.3/5.

Next up we rode the new ride there called REVOLUTION 360. The resraints came out of the back of the seat and hit your back and it hurt because it went to th farthest point possible. It was still a really fun ride.4/5

Next up is the WHIRLWIND!!!! Its fast and swhirly fun! 5/5!

Overall the day at seabreeze was fun. 4/5 park!
The next day we went to my sister house and went camping. It was like an hour away from the house. On Friday it was rainy as crap and it ruined the experience. The next days we did camping stuff. After Camping I was glad to be in a house again. We went to a wedding the next day. Yesterday we left and now where home completing the week and a half of a journey in NY. Thanks for reading.


At our good freinds house in Ithaca, NY area has a Fourth of July party and we annualy drive up from my town in Maryland up the 6 hour car trip.We headed out and stopped at WaWa and got breakfast and redbulls. We drove through Pennslyvainia and ate at Wendys
for lunch.

Red Bull for Breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We kept driving for a few more hours and we finnaly got to there lakefront palaace! It is right on the shore of scenic Cayuga Lake which is a world famous finger lake. Its area is home to many,many, many, many gorges and waterfalls which is world famous. It has wine vineyards, State Parks, Historic Towns and much more located near my former home of Ithaca, NY. Its a great place to live.

Anyway they have a giant house with a dock and 3 boats and big partys on the Fourth of July. We arrived on the third and we went with them to another lakesie house for a party which was great! We took the boat and i made a POV.

I was not the one screaming. We got there and we went jetskiing, 4wheeling, and swimming. We also went go-carting and i took a POV of that too.

Later me and other peope lighted fireworks off to create a great show! The Party was great! I couldnt wait till the fourth but little did i know i would get a thumbtack stuck in my foot that morning of the fourth. We tried to pull it out but it was the worst pain ive ever felt and it wouldnt come out so we went to urgent/convienent care near Downtown Ithaca. They had to give me a shot a nummber so i wouldnt feel the pain. But the shot hurt a bit, not as much though. They said I had to walk on my heel and not go on the lake to prevent infection and pain and stuff . They almost gave me cruthches. I wasnt supposed to do any phischical activities blahhh blahhhhhh blahhhhhh but i did anyways! I lit off the fireworks with other people and played some stuff. Overall it the day was fun except the morning. We woke up the next morning and headed to visit some old freinds who used to work with my parents for about an hour and a half. We then explored my old town of Ithaca and went to my old school and ate at the famous ice cream parlor in Ithaca we used to go to alot called Purity.

We then went back to the house and went Water Tubing on the lake. We left on Tuesday but no without a visit to the best diner ever:Ziffys/Lincoln street diner! We then headed up to Rochester area in NY to visist some of my family. Ill make a trip report later on that.
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